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Artpusher Gallery lost, the artist Artpusher won💙


The court ruled in favour of Coop and their saying that Artpusher Gallery should not be allowed to sell the art in question and that I should encourage everyone to return the artworks 💙.


Therefore, as of today, we will of course stop selling and marketing these via Artpusher Gallery.💙


Coop was NOT successful in their claim that I, as a performing artist Artpusher/Love Party, I am not allowed to paint or sell the artworks. The court chose not to consider my copyright to my own artwork🎨🎨🎨🎨


Therefore, we are of course appealing the temporary ban to

The High Court💙


COOP and Kromann Reumert's legal bill was rejected and reduced by 80% by the court, so we just pay at the cash register and fight on🧑‍⚖️


Thank you so much for all the support

We will return with an update asap🧑‍⚖️



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